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How to get a lot of broadcasts on tv dish

television-dish-for-fun-and-gaming-infoGetting lots of channel or broadcast sometimes be a desire for everyone, though basically all of the broadcast will be watched. So to get that much on TV broadcasting satellite dish is actually very easy. Starting from the addition of another LNB for satellite lock, use the type HD receiver, to the use of parabolic antennas nice that the broadcasts could be caught too skimpy. But before that we also need to know beforehand which satellite has many broadcast FTA (Free to air) so that later we get the channel that is not encrypted or scrambled. Because it’s useless if we get thousands of channels but many were scrambled. For example we catch satellite Measat kuband or SES7, certainly the average broadcast hashed it all. Therefore, here are some things we can do to get a lot of broadcasts on TV with a satellite dish.

Adding Combining multiple LNB or satellite dish
By adding multiple LNB on the dish antenna is clear we will get more broadcasts, this is because the satellite that we lock more than one. for example, we use four pieces of LNB, then we can lock Palapa, Telkom, Asiasat3 / 7 and AsiaSat 5 or CHINASAT 6a and 6b. So if we can maximize the signal from each satellite are of course thousands of channels we can enjoy. For maximum results certainly each LNB we put on a different dish, but the drawback is consuming a lot of places.

Actuators using Parabola
By using the actuator pointing satellite antenna can be set from the preformance of the house, so the parabolic antenna can automatically lead to the intended satellite. Therefore broadcast obtained is also so much more. Even so there are some flaws here, and that it takes time to transfer from one satellite to another. Also sometimes the signals came in less than the maximum.

Replacing the receiver parabola with the latest version.
Suppose we use a type of receiver that was then broadcast mpeg2 format that we can find is that having mpeg2 format only. For that we can replace it by buying a receiver that has full HD DVBS2 or above. with or mpeg4 HD channels so we can also lock on each satellite. So that we get the channel will also increase.

That’s the thing we can do to get a lot of broadcasts on satellite TV. May be useful. But if you or your family there are maniacs with online gaming and want the latest information about online games, trick getting gold or gems, cheating ways to play the game, maybe this site will be useful to you.