How to Use Cheat Engine 6.5 in PC Game

How to Use Cheat Engine on PC Game, Cheat Engine (CE) is an open source application created by darkbyte and as the name suggests this program is used to check. This software commonly used to mencheat game both offline (offline) and online (online). The way is to change the value (value) of an address / address. To replace it, we type the value to be searched, if it is then double click and change the value in accordance with the desired.

Cheat Engine is accompanied by a memory observer or memory scanner to scan the variables used in the game or application and allow us to change these variables, but in Cheat Engine it also provides the search function (debugger ), Speedhack, disassembler, trainer maker, direct3d manipulation tools and system inspection tools.

Cheat Engine can view and unload memory from a process and make changes to provide user benefits such as unlimited life, time or ammunition. Cheat Engine also has tools to manipulate Direct3d and OpenGL, whose function allows users to penetrate walls, enlarged and downsized, and with a reliable configuration setup can allow Cheat Engine to move the mouse to get a certain texture to the center, it is commonly used to create Aimbots .

That is the meaning of Cheat Engine. This time I will teach how to use Cheat Engine 6.5 on some PC games. Game that I will use to ngeCheat is Resident Evil 5 game. This Engine Cheat can be used to change the Value in game, so you can change Any examples of changing Ammo / bullet numbers in the game, and I will practice the tutorial.
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Material :
[-] Cheat Engine [DOWNLOAD]
[-] Game to be used for Cheat


1.Pastikan already installed Cheat Enginenya application, then open Cheat Enginenya Application.
2. Run the game that will be used for Cheat
3. Go back to Windows view by clicking Windows + Tab or you can also use Windows Mode setting, Then in Cheat Engine Application you select Select a Process to open then select the game application that is being used Then Click Open
4.Setelan it back to Game, then you start Cheat what you want maybe it cheat Money / Money, Ammo / Bullet or cheat HP / Blood, for example i will cheat ammo / bullet in game Resident Evil 5, this is SS before cheat .

Look at my number of shells, there are only 10.
5. Then back to the windows view, go back to Cheat Engine, insert Valuenya diKolom Value on cheat engine, for example because the number of my bullets there are 10 then I enter the number 10 diKolom Valuenya, Then Click First Scan.

If it is diScan it will show the data on the left of the valuenya 10

6.Then back into the game again, this time we have to change the value in the game so not the same as the previous value, for example my previous ammo there are 10 then I will change to a different number, for example 9.

The bullet 9

7.Back to Cheat Engine, then re-enter the new value, I enter the number 9 because the bullet live 9. Enter Valuenya and select Next Scan

The data becomes few

8.If you have selected all the data on the left, then enter into the addres list by clicking the red arrow that leads down
9. The last step is to change the Value in the address list by clicking CTRL + A on the Value that is in the adress list, then Right Click Select Change Record> Value, Then input the desired number of Value Bullet Value
I enter the number 999 because I want to change the number of previous bullets 10 to 999. Then click OK, then open the game and see the results

See the number of bullets, to be 999 \: D / great is not it? : V
So basically we just change the Value in the game by using this Cheat Engine.

Remember, The above method also applies to agan “who want to Hack Money / Money, Blood, Ammo and other important figures.
Not all games can be hacked with this Cheat Engine, but most can be hacked with Cheat Engine for example Resident Evil 5, NFS MostWanted 2012, Bully, Just Cause 2 and other games.

If you still do not understand I will share a simple Tutorial
For a simple tutorial:

A simple way to hack games using CE

Open the game you want to play
View your money (like you want to hack money)
Open CE, type the amount (value) your money earlier in the value column
Click first scan
If there is only one addres, then double-click the address and replace valuenya
If more than one, make the value in your game had changed by buying something or other way with simple steps then just follow this 8 ball pool hack or subway surfers hack tool for more fun.